Playdoku: Block Puzzle Game 1.23.7811 .APK (MOD, Unlimited money) Download for android

Playdoku Block Puzzle Game 1.13.1176 .APK MOD Unlimited money Download for android

Playdoku: Block Puzzle Game Download .APK MOD for Android

you can download the latest versions of Playdoku: Block Puzzle Game .APK Mod file For Android
Playstore id = games.burny.playdoku.block.puzzle

Playdoku: Block Puzzle Game Information

Developed byCamel Games, Inc
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Required APP5.0
Totall Download50,000+

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Total votes: 4.5

Playdoku: Block Puzzle Game 1.13.1176 .APK (MOD, Unlimited money) Download for android Playdoku: Block Puzzle is an exciting puzzle game with a colorful design, a simple and intuitive interface. If you like to solve interesting puzzles, collect cubes and play, Playdoku is what you’re looking for!
Playdoku is a free fast-paced game that will help you pump up your brain to its fullest!
Playdoku – free block puzzle games suitable for all ages! Help kids sort out the blocks, play with friends or entertain your parents! The minimum age limit is only 4+
You can play Playdoku every day! New levels, changing cube shapes, various difficulties. The gameplay is so diverse that you will never get bored with our puzzle block!

Plot of the game

Playdoku: a Tetris-style falling puzzle. The playing field consists of a square grid, with figures of various shapes appearing on the panel, consisting of several cubes. Your task is to fill the grid with cubes, leaving no empty space on it. The more lines you complete, the more points you earn.

How to play Playdoku puzzle games

1.Take a piece and drag it onto the 10×10 game grid;
2.rag new shapes, swap them. The cubes must fill the empty spaces on the grid;
3.As soon as there is no free space on the game board, the game will end;
4.The puzzle can’t be rotated from side to side;
5.Fill in the empty lines and get game points;

Playdoku is a block puzzle game with an internal leaderboard. Accumulate points, get additional rewards. Who knows, maybe you will become the best Playdoku player?

Key features of the game

– Playdoku is a fascinating free brain game for adults;
– Install it for free on your smartphone;
– Internet access is not required to play;
– Levels have no time limit;
– Minimum age limit 4+ Our mind puzzle game is suitable even for little children;
– A smooth soundtrack, a light dynamic melody;
– You can switch between modes and cube sizes, change the difficulty level;
– Very simple rules;
– An engaging storyline;
– You can track your progress using points and the overall rating;
– Active players get additional rewards;
– Works in “battery saving” mode;
– Fill out the puzzles for as long as you need, there are no time limits;
– A simple and pleasant design, no intrusive animated elements;
– An intuitive interface;
Playdoku can be played with friends.

Playdoku puzzle games features

Playdoku is a drop block puzzle. The outcome of the game depends on each move you make. The game develops logic skills. When arranging the cubes, you have to use your brain!
Game block puzzle generates emotions! Imagine the joy you will experience as you eliminate complex combos from the board. And there is no nagging time limit, since filling in complex lines requires you to think carefully, calculate your next move in advance.
You definitely won’t get bored while playing. The levels are constantly changing, as are the sizes of the cubes. You can set the classic style or use other shapes.
Classic block puzzle will help you relax after work, but your brain will continue to function. Each line on the playing field is a separate puzzle. Funny voice acting and a nice design will make passing the level easy and fun!

Player rating

Puzzle games free for adults and children have an internal rating. Filling one line will get you special points. Ratings are formed on the basis of points.
You can track your results, celebrate the success of your children and friends, and compete against other Playdoku players. The most active players receive internal rewards.


Stone puzzle game has a nice, relaxing design. The interface lacks annoying animating banners, cascading falling cubes and other elements that contribute to visual overloading.
The design is made up of monochromatic colors. No bright background will distract you from the playing field. You will be able to concentrate and enjoy the Playdoku logic game.