friDay影音 TV-院線電影、韓日劇、韓綜、動漫線上看 .APK (MOD, Unlimited money) Download for android

friDay TV- .APK MOD Unlimited money Download for android

friDay影音 TV-院線電影、韓日劇、韓綜、動漫線上看 Download .APK MOD for Android

you can download the latest versions of friDay影音 TV-院線電影、韓日劇、韓綜、動漫線上看 .APK Mod file For Android
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friDay影音 TV-院線電影、韓日劇、韓綜、動漫線上看 .APK (MOD, Unlimited money) Download for android 註冊會員即可線上看月月更新0元電影、戲劇、綜藝與全館動漫首集。首購會員再享首月免費使用,線上隨時可取消

遠傳friDay影音是正版4k高畫質支援不同裝置跨平台接續觀看的線上影音服務,提供獨家優質內容,包含強檔好萊塢電影、最新韓國電影、跟播韓劇、超夯日劇、優質台劇、人氣陸劇、熱門韓綜、直播新聞、霹靂布袋戲、免費0元電影與新番動漫線上看,更有5G明星多視角、KPOP 《M COUNTDOWN》直播應有盡有,娛樂不間斷!

※全球賣座電影 無限暢看※

※超夯影劇綜藝 跟播不斷※

在遠傳friDay影音可觀看各式熱門韓國綜藝《玩什麼好呢?》、《新西遊記8》、《RUNNING MAN》、《第六感》、《認識的哥哥》、《我們家的熊孩子》、《感性露營》,療癒您疲憊的心,讓您歡笑不斷


※娛樂360 星光零距離※
獨家多視角,讓你自由選擇最愛明星視角,豐富內容包含週週Live直播最新韓國音樂榜單節目《M COUNTDOWN》、KPOP《RUN.wav》、實境綜藝《一日系列》、名模健身教學《爽健零時差》

Registered members can watch the first episodes of movies, dramas, variety shows and animations of the whole museum online at 0 yuan monthly. First purchase members can enjoy free use for the first month, and can cancel at any time online

Yuan Chuan friDay Video is a genuine 4k high-definition online video service that supports cross-platform viewing on different devices. It provides exclusive high-quality content, including strong Hollywood movies, the latest Korean movies, follow-up Korean dramas, super Japanese dramas, high-quality Taiwanese dramas, and popularity Lu drama, popular Korean drama, live news, pili puppet show, free 0 yuan movies and new animation online watch, more 5G star multi-view, KPOP “M COUNTDOWN” live broadcast everything, uninterrupted entertainment!
※Global blockbuster movies for unlimited viewing※
Whether it’s the blockbuster movie “Dead Speed ​​Train: Infecting the Peninsula”, “72-Hour Outpost Rescue”, “Devil Showdown” or the film art film “The Last Emperor”, “Beautiful Lady Olanduo”, “Central Station”, friDay video and audio Can see

※Super ramming movie variety show and continuous broadcast ※
Follow the latest Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, Taiwanese dramas and Lu dramas, “Alice”, “The Number of Circumstances”, “Dangerous Venus”, “35-year-old Girl”, “How is My Mother-in-law So Cute”, Family Name”, “Thirty Only”

You can watch all kinds of popular Korean variety show “What is good to play?” ”, “New Journey to the West 8”, “RUNNING MAN”, “Sixth Sense”, “Knowing Brother”, “Bear Children in Our Family”, “Sensual Camping”, heal your tired heart and make you laugh constantly

※New Fan/Classic One Stop Satisfaction※
The new anime is synchronized with Japan, so you don’t miss the “Half-Demon Yasha Hime”, “Spell Return”, “Is it wrong to seek encounters in the dungeon, Season 3″… etc., classic anime review at any time, “Name “Detective Conant”, “Fullmetal Alchemist”, “Keroro Gunso”, “Naruto”… etc.

※Entertainment 360 Starlight Zero Distance※
Exclusive multiple perspectives, allowing you to freely choose your favorite star perspective, rich content including weekly live broadcast of the latest Korean music chart program “M COUNTDOWN”, KPOP “RUN.wav”, reality variety show “One Day Series”, supermodel fitness teaching ” Refreshing and zero jet lag

Yuan Chuan friDay Video is the most down-to-earth online audio and video service, curating weekly current affairs for you, selecting the most suitable film list from 30,000 movies and dramas that fits the theme of entertainment or news events, leaving you with endless surprises. No matter you need to find joy and relieve your worries during commuting, gatherings of friends, or in the dead of night, remote friDay audio and video can accompany you to spend entertainment time, easy to watch online.
【friDay 影音精彩內容陸續上映】
2.台日韓劇《現正分手中》、《衣袖紅鑲邊》、《某一天》、《憂鬱症》、《酒鬼都市女人們》、《御史與祚怡》、《派遣女醫X第7季》、《SUPER RICH超級有錢》、《Avalanche雪崩》、《日本沉沒ー希望之人ー》
3.熱播綜藝《機智山村生活》、《帶輪子的家第3季》、《極島冒險 溜浪玖壹壹第2季》、《兩天一夜》、《Running Man》、《玩什麼好呢?》、《認識的哥哥》、《劉QUIZ ON THE BLOCK》、《我獨自生活》
4.新番動漫《國王排名》、《鬼滅之刃 無限列車篇》、《無職轉生 到了異世界就拿出真本事》、《世界頂尖的暗殺者轉生為異世界貴族》、《異世界食堂第2季》、《陰陽眼見子》


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