亂世曹操傳 2.1.621.6.0 for Android APK (MOD, Unlimited money) Download for android

1.2.61 .APK MOD Unlimited money Download for android

亂世曹操傳 Download .APK MOD for Android

you can download the latest versions of 亂世曹操傳 .APK Mod file For Android
Playstore id = com.ftaro.caocao.google

亂世曹操傳 Information

Version 1.2.61
Developed by Camel Games, Inc
Size 96MB
uploaded by http://android1-mod.com
Updated 2019-09-30
Required APP Android 4.0+
Totall Download 10,000+

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Total votes: 10.0

亂世曹操傳 1.2.61 .APK (MOD, Unlimited money) Download for android 《亂世曹操傳》是一款三國志古代戰爭單機RPG回合製跑圖策略手游,亂世紛爭,群雄四起,玩家化身為魏王曹操主公身份,經歷黃巾起義、董卓之亂、群雄割據、官渡之戰、赤壁之戰。招募三國名將,橫掃千軍,平定戰亂。並且在曹操去世後,遊戲製作方為遊戲精心編寫傳說劇情。使遊戲的故事情節得以圓滿,也算滿足了玩家的統一心願。




“Chaocao Cao Cao Biography” is a three-country ancient war single-machine RPG turn-based strategy strategy mobile game, chaos in the chaos, the heroes are four, the player turned into the identity of Wei Wang Cao Cao, experienced the Yellow Turban Uprising, Dong Zhuo’s chaos, the heroes, the battle of Guandu The battle of Chibi. Recruiting the three famous countries, sweeping thousands of troops, calming the war. And after the death of Cao Cao, the game producer carefully wrote the legendary plot for the game. To make the story of the game complete, it is also satisfied with the player’s unified wish.

With the deepening of the plot, it is necessary to strengthen the military commander, equipment, formation, and strategy to cope with the increasingly strong enemy, to achieve the dominance of the group, to become the king, and to dominate the world. After the plot reaches a certain level, it will open a big city Jian’an City (game fiction, not in real history). In this city, there are the famous tower, the military tower, the Thai emperor’s hall (to the Taishan challenge twenty-four will), the sacred beast hall (to the area where the Suzaku Baihu Qinglong basaltic unicorn is located), Dawei Wumou will be Taiwan, Wu Ziliang will be Taiwan. Another five tigers will be Taiwan and Dongwu governor will be Taiwan, respectively in Chengdu City and Jianye City.

The scene design features city, village, checkpoint, indoor, woods, mountains, rivers, caves, lava and other characteristic terrain. The game has about forty cities and numerous village gates, and players can explore it. On the combat military commanders, there are well-known military commanders in the three countries of Guo Jia, Zhuge Liang, Dian Wei and Lu Bu, who can choose their favorite military commanders to play.

Game features:
[1] Continue the FC classic operation and get started quickly. The generals swept, slammed, teleported, cool big tricks, gorgeous crit, all at the fingertips, at the touch of a hair.
[2] One hundred military commanders will be included in the bag, and the special formation will be added. The strategy will be first and the team will be built. The eight-door gold lock array is unlocked into a mystery, showing the wisdom of the Three Kingdoms.
[3] “Let the emperor to make the princes” “Ning I am a person, not tolerate me.” Everyone is wrong with Cao Cao, or is Cao Cao supposed to be the name of a thief? Restore history, take you to know Cao Cao!
[4] A huge map system that covers the cities recorded in the history of the Three Kingdoms. There are also mountain caves such as Wolf King Cave, Dragon Cave, Zhuque Cave, Xuanwu Cave and Qinglong Cave to explore and enjoy the fun of running pictures.
[5] Incorporating Qinglong, Baihu, Suzaku, Xuanwu, Qilin and other beasts in Chinese mythology, as the world Boos, opening a new chapter and enjoying the different three countries.

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